I plan on making this more of a self-study resource than a blog. I fully expect no one to ever come here. But if there are some lucky souls interested in studying classical Chinese (and translating it into classical Japanese), or 漢文, then you’re more than welcome to study with me.


(okay that was just modern Chinese)

Disclaimer: I am not a 漢文学者. The 書き下し文 are usually taken from the materials I’m studying and, provided there is no modern translation, the translations are my own (as such, so are the interpretations). The meaning I take from untranslated 漢文 could be completely wrong. In other words, I am not a reliable source.




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  1. レックス said


    I was looking up on the web for notes/explanations on 使役形 and I found your blog by chance. From your intro, you said you are planning on making this a self-study resource, I think it’s great! I am learning Japanese language too, but not in any universities. I love the language and Chinese. I don’t know Chinese too well though. Anyway, I’ll be visiting your blog more frequently as I see you’ve posted some interesting stuffs. But it’s too deep for my current level, but I’ll keep trying.


  2. Alan said


    Thanks for dropping a line. Not exactly the 使役形 you were looking for, I imagine.

    I admit that this blog isn’t exactly the most organized for other people to use with me. But, if you’re willing to slog through it with me, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions about 古典 or 漢文, or translate anything I forgot to.

    I’d also recommend using Rikaichan on Firefox for help in reading Japanese. This isn’t the most applicable blog for that application, but it has an astounding number of characters registered, so you can at least see their individual meanings.

    Hope to see you around.

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